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Electric mobility chair2

New Service for tourist in Israel

 Rent a Wheelchair with auxiliary engine / Folding Scooter for trips in Israel and abroad

Electric mobility chair

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קלנועית, קלנועיות, השכרת קלנועית

We are pleased to offer you a Wheelchair with auxiliary engine or an Electric Scooter hire for your customers who has mobility difficulties, while traveling in Israel and abroad. You can recommend your customers to rent the Scooter directly from us.

A wheelchair with auxiliary engine helps the caregiver to push the chair effortlessly at long walks, limbs, descents, trails, rough roads, etc. Motor easily disconnects and the chair returns to a regular Wheelchair.

​Folding Scooter suitcase size (101/57/46 cm) light weigh of 20 kg  &  battery weight of 12 kg easily the trunk of a plane, bus, car, taxi, train, etc .
Scooter ride very easy and does not require background driving. Mobility becomes easy at streets, museums, shopping centers, places of amusement, hotel, elevator and any place where a tourist asks a pedestrian to .
Scooter ride good for all ages and physical effort to prevent the lender and prevents the group delay .

Service through you should bring to the attention of your travel agency, guide, hotel and the bus company.

We wish you pleasant journey in Israel!